Let Go of The Story. Replace the hiding for transforming.


(For reference on ” How to let go of the story”, please look at that blog post)

When we hold on to our story, our daily mantra is holding on to being impartially present.  Impartially present means that a part of your past is holding you captive, and not allowing you to be perfectly free and in the moment with out any residule.  When you have fully let go of the story, then you have reached enlightenment.  No longer holding on to the mental conditioning of your past experiences.  No longer holding on to an idea of pleasure or love that you may have once used as a means to cover up or hide.   Simply being.  Free to remain safe, and nurtured by the moment. Nothing less, and nothing more.   Now intensify your reality, and accept the certainty of life’s imperfect perfections.  Understand, trust and have faith in the perfection of what your life may look like without the “story”.  Become one with the constant change and surrender to the unknown.  When you demand a good and happy state of a balanced well-being, you will get it.  Much vulnerability is required to be here now, and emotionally process and release the “story”.  Demanding a good state of presence, allows you to focus daily of your life’s purpose and intentionally living in that grace and ease`.  Successful people do know when and how to raise their standards. Successful people, being those who are present and living freely in this state of conscious contentment and trust in the present moment, with no fear attached.

Any time we face a challenge, and things don’t seem to be moving so smoothly, thats usually an indication to make a shift, raise your standards or transcend an old pattern and create a new positive antidote for yourself.  Ask for guidance, be humble and submit yourself to the awakening of your truth.  When you are raising your standards, you don’t just say the right words, you must create actions that enable you to embody the results you are looking to feel.  Faith without works is not enough to accomplish inner fulfillment without daily effort in your actions.  Daily action steps toward this experience allow you to see the option to create victory every day.  Our daily choices are what we use in our internal tool box to define us.  What you get back from letting go of your story, is contentment.  Please ask yourself these questions, what do you stand for? What goals do you stand for that bring you peace and inner contentment?  What kinds of challenges do you come across in this journey?  Are you still living in the past of your “story”?

The Success here is the same common denominator for us all.  The success is in the power of letting go of the story,  or “His-story”.  It first starts in seeing that it is entirely possible.  Knowing you have something to gift to this world beyond yourself.  Something that wants to come through you in a natural organically grown way.  Fighting against it is like going against the grain, or swimming up a steam of water moving at a fast current, sooner or later you will eventually get swept away by the cosmic currents of Universal Consciousness.  Universal Consciousness is about the truth of what is best for the overall big picture and the trust of this notion, regardless of what you think may be best.  Trusting the process of the unfolding of the unknown.  This experience is of the full embodiment of body,mind, heart and soul.  Another question to ask yourself, what is it that make your heart tick!?  You must have a big vision.  People are rewarded in public for what they are doing alone.  Spend your time focusing on what this purpose of yours is. You may see it as clear as day, or you may see it as a foggy night, follow it, trust it will be there for you, to guide you to it.

Time, patience, action, and passion will get you there.  Everything else is a stepping stone to that place.  That place starts with you, right here and right now.  When you are giving your all, you are living with a standard that is allowing you to truly let go of your story.  Letting go of your story, allows your soul to move forward its purpose without resistance.  Peak states don’t interrupt you, you must work at it.  Remember this commitment is  a life of daily devotion and surrender to your highest version of yourself.   Letting go of the story is like peeling away each layer of the onion.  You must demand more of yourself than than you ever have.   Who you spend time with is who you become.  If you are around people with low standards, you may not be in an environment that empowers you to rise.  Make your stance and discover what you are capable of.  Get to the other side of being true and honoring your highest version of yourself.  You are here to be the best that you have ever lived.

In order to be the best version of yourself, you must train yourself to create a daily ritual of success for the standards that you are choosing to live in.   Letting go of the story, is about letting go of the past heart break, anger, resentment, stuck emotion, and getting clear and complete with it all. (Please email if you want more info on how to release emotions, to complete your healing”.

Believe that All your needs in all its abundance is coming your way right now.  Believe that you are completely open to receiving that abundance.  Progress is happening right now because you somehow found this reminder to encourage you to be your best self, and live in the divine holy kingdom that you are.  Find solace from this place.  Progress is about making resolutions towards the success in your lifes purpose. Be.  Go.  Do.

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