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Optimal Standard Training Certification Overview:
This training was created and inspired from the 7 Dimensions.  We have been working closely with other physicians and healers to create this state of the art, non-invasive based Physicians Training Program that has the potentiality to make a huge impact on our current health care standards of individuals.  This empowers the Doctor as well as the patient to seek a state of homeostasis in the body on every level, especially in the heart.  These teachings that are inspired from the 7 Dimensions, allows the Physicians to take a closer look into what their patient might be going through on a broader scale to allocate what the deficiencies might be on all levels of life care.  Our research team has partnered up with the Academy of Complementary Integrative Medical Academy to research and observe our results for creating new Standardization of Health and Medical care.  Through our medical research process, the Academy of Complementary Integrative Medicine, Scientific Advisory Team will be sharing these evidence and faith based results through articles and health care publications.  Stay tuned to our Physicians videos sharing their experiences with this new teaching method integrating it into their practices. The time for evolution is now.

The Optimal Health Care Standard Training Certification for Physicians
“Let Food be Thy Medicine” – the absolute of light and heaven, our maker, our creator, Kingdom of heaven, divine truth.

Some Facts: In its “World Cancer Report 2014,” the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer reports that new cancer cases expected to grow from 14 million a year in 2012 to 25 million in 2014. For the problem of diabetes, 74.1% of our country is considered obese. The U.S. is the 9th most obese country in the world. 1.6. Billion people in our world are considered overweight or obese. During the national debate about Measuring National Well-being, when asked what affected their well-being, health was the most common response from individuals.

Health Epidemic: We currently have less Doctors graduating from medical schools than ever before. We also have 93 million people that now can not afford health care insurance. We have an increase in health illnesses such as cancer, birth defects, and obesity. And now the spreading financial crisis, including the controversial provision of bailouts to troubled firms, all this shows we are in the midst of a historic economic collapse. “Land of the Free” is the basis of what our nation was founded on. The only thing that comes to mind for me is “forgive them for they know not what they do…for if they did, and were truly conscious and knew and felt the reality, we would all truly live free, and rid sickness and disease, and see vast health improvements and peace world wide. Where there is a problem, should we not shed light on the solution?

Duality vs Reality: Hippocrates separated the physical body and the Spirit,showing the priority of the body when he said “let thy food be thy medicine”. The birthing of religion, in theory, also separated science from the conscious experience of spirit. Science and all of creation are one. Bottom line is we create separation of experiencing this wonderful life when we begin to get too theoretical. Essentially the separation is what has caused duality. Currently we are living in a world of duality.

The hope of sharing and experiencing the following dimensions of health are to bring forward our divine truths and realize the value of this precious life we have been given. So there is some validity to acknowledging the foundation we CAN all live in, and learning how to tune into that specific value, so that we may thrive as a unified force.

The Belief is, healthier happier lifestyles, communities, and overall improved health outcomes can be a result of a new standard in health care. It is time we let go of our current sick care system into a true health and lifestyle care system. Even “preventative care” is great, but it still implies that we have something to prevent. The action of preventing vs the joy of living is a vast difference. We can bridge the gap.

A wise man once told me, that the term “enlightenment” means you see things for exactly the way things are, and you are still enlightened by the light”. So to see the duality and address it as a reference point, is healthy, it means you are seeing things for what they are, and then- what can be- becomes a lot more possible.

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