Native American Community

Our workings with the Native American Tribes beginning with Gallup, NM, are to provide the 7 Dimensions Teachings, and specifically empowerment to self-sustaining living, to create more economic growth, and methods to sustain their historical and traditional cultures. We are providing them with our Food Advocacy Programs to help assist them with their current health care. We are providing them with tools, and methods to setting new standards for their health care, while at the same time creating more economic assistance for themselves. We are creating a sustainable community for them at this time in Gallup, New Mexico, currently work with the land planners, architects, and partnering up with other non-profit organizations to create a Co-op on their land, with them, for them, to increase their productivity, economic growth, self-efficiency, and to sustain their culture. There will be farm land use, and trees being planted to sustain their health improvement needs, along with sweat lodges, and ceremony tee-pees to sustain their indigenous culture to continue to live on and share their teachings with other cultures as well who want to learn. We will also set up children’s programs and adult tour programs to come and learn about how creative and beautiful their culture is.

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