Food Advocacy

Throughout the west coast, we are creating various guilds, B Corps, and 501’s to facilitate aligned infrastructure. The first of the necessary movements centers on food security. Food relates to health, well being, and trade. It is essential that each community system – neighborhood, town, city, county – functions as a self-sustaining production site. It is our duty to create global health and environmental stability. This is our first real opportunity.

Together, we can support citizen produced food forests, community gardens, and private biodynamic research properties. Homeowners and renters will be provided with a direct purchase line on polycultures, including climate appropriate nut and fruit producing trees, heirloom and organic vegetables, as well as grain grasses that act as soil builders and food for both human and animal, and locally sourced mycelium to increase soil health.

Encouraging polyculture revegetation provides a viable and renewable food source that is available to all community members and sustains internal revenue streams. Increasing soil health through grasses and mycelium cultures decreases the need for irrigation. As we strengthen our food systems, we strengthen our ecological health. Healthy soils, healthy produce, healthy relationships – human to human, human to nature.

* Create polyculture (nut and fruit trees, brassicas, heirlooms, grains, mushrooms, etc) and distribute community wide – both at cost and pro bono

* Implement neighborhood support systems – on-site workshops, mapping projects, focus the collective

* Facilitate sharing systems – seed, produce, tools, labor

This is simple, effective, and can be coast-wide by summer, putting food sovereignty at the forefront of the grassroots movement. In cooperation with sister-cities throughout the west coast, we will see a significant change in spending patterns and weather systems. Polycultures bring ground water to the surface and large scale polycropping creates increased rainfall. Citizens will provide healthful food sources at low to no cost for their entire neighborhood. This is the future.

We are establishing web presence via an interactive social media site ( to include tutorials, blogs, tool shares, seed banks, and citizen resources.

Look for our pre-prepared Neighborhood Food Forest templates, including grants, crowdfunding videos, and local permaculture design specialists.

Obesity and rising increase in health costs. Solution: A new way to solve our economic problem. It is projected for the nations public health cost of obesity related spending to increase to $343 Billion in 2018. That would mean 47.5 % of us would be obese. We are creating communities of health conscious people through our Food Advocacy. A new trend that can essentially be a life long belief system, and aid in our overall economic downfall. If we have healthier societies and communities, then our public health costs go down. This way we will have more money for education, research and sustainable power sources, and less of our taxes go towards war, and politics. Universal Heart Center teach our Advocacy Program with 2 experts in the field of Food and Healthy nutrition. Lou Cornona and Starrm Mrradso, are teaching Native Americans, poverty stricken communities, and the general public, ways of eating that create harmony in the body, and self-empowerment. This is setting new standards for creating a new social structure where we learn that negative feelings are connected to obesity, and other health challenges. And we learn new ways of generating positive feelings in an atmosphere that is inviting.

A culture where control and demands for power are understood as a self fulfilling process towards un-health, and a new culture is being born, where the happiness and well-being of us as individuals is connected directly to our health.

By creating this preventative health care approach we can essentially be saving $343 billion in 2018!!! WE ARE THE CHANGE…TODAY

What does it do for you:

By request, we speak to communities and inspire and empower individuals to live a powerful life, using these teachings on healthy eating.  We also provide demo’s and samples to selected groups on healthy eating, accompanied by Starrm Marradseo; Healthy Food Coach, Raw-Living Foods Chef, & Motivational Speaker. Meeting Starrm and learning from the knowledge he is sharing is a glimpse of sparking the fire within.  No room for complaining, his goal is to remind people to take risks, and to allow their dreams to manifest into their realities.

Part of his motivational speeches include inviting the group to write a “Declaration”, on how they want to begin living their lives in the highest good of their potential.   Please click on the below link to view the podcasts of our founders Declaration, and feel free to record and upload your own podcast declaration, and read it daily for best results of this enlightening experience!

Get inspired and hear Starrms Declaration, he has actually memorized all 5 pages of it and says it out loud everyday!  Imagine if we all did this…what possibilities lie.

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