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We have a 2-4 hour educational presentation, sharing the teachings of the 7 Dimensions to provide inspiration and methods to use to experience a healthier happier life.  This also touches on social change, addressing the challenges of social dis-associative disorder world-wide.  We choose to observe these realities with the empowerment to be the change that we want to see. Creating social bridges where there were once walls. Using the 7 Dimensions Teachings this knowledge provides empowerment for our listeners, skills to acquire, and action steps that anyone can do in their daily life to achieve their deepest desires and achieve success.  We also make it very interactive including the community to share what is on their minds, and discuss in a community support group after the presentation is over.

The functionality of our programs run in a 2-4 hour long presentation depending on the size of the group.

The expected outcomes of the results of this 4 course program is to engage with our listeners, and ignite an awakening experience.

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Our Retreats taught by our founders and other instructors host a “7 days of silence & enlightenment retreat”.  During these retreats everyone will have their own space to sleep in, all fresh and healthy raw foods will be served to attendees.  The first day we begin with a shamanic prayer ceremony to begin the time we have together in a good way, with a calling to the spirits for assistance, love, and thanks. This creates a safety container for healing and transformation of enlightenment to occur.  We will have silent yoga, and silent meditation classes daily, as well as hand out sheets to fill out and journal during your 7 days of silence journey.  Freeing of the Voice, Emotional Release Philosophy, Emotional release practices, social connectivity exercises, and raw food introductory classes, and a closing fire ceremony with an offering to express their gratitude for their learnings and empowered leadership development to take on into their daily lives and into the future.

Please check out our next retreat dates as of January 2015

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