Environmental Health

To preserve this beautiful place we live in that takes care of us is essential to the sustaining of humans that live on this earth. Mother earth is always holding us up and taking care of us, the least we can do in her honor, is to preserve her in the best ways possible.

We are supporting sustainable development and reforesting in the context and goal of global change. In doing so it seeks to work in close collaboration with environmental research, physical reforesting through Universal Heart Center “Environmental Community”, and other partners. The pace and magnitude of human-induced global change is currently beyond human control and is manifest in increasingly dangerous threats to human societies and human well-being. There is an urgent need for the international scientific community to develop the knowledge from our workings on reforesting nature, that can inform and shape effective responses to these threats in ways that foster global justice and facilitate progress toward sustainable development goals.

The Universal Heart Center supports using ancient & new sustainable practices to restore natural balance. We recognize & are inspired by natural systems. We seek to promote & restore natural systems. We can return deserts back to forests, healing the damage done by humans. Reforestation has profound effects on the environment, such as increasing rainfall & biodiversity. Life even changes geography & global climate systems. With the power of natural systems in mind, we seek to do our part in returning Earth to a healthy balance.

The global change research community, which has played a central role in understanding the functioning of the Earth system and the human impacts on that system, holds the promise to meet this need. We are working to transform in communities how it is that we view the world we live in, the value of it, and the value of our own lives through the community teachings we share. Realizing that promise requires a focus on physical reforesting action, new research priorities, and on new ways of doing and using research to address needs at global, regional, national, and local scales. This Reforesting Project is designed to: identify grand challenges in Earth system science for global sustainability and to assist other non-profits, and partners, to identify high priority research that must be carried out to address those challenges; and to mobilize scholars in the sciences (social, natural, health, and engineering) and humanities to pursue that research through our work.

We seek to use sustainable, natural, & high-yield organic permaculture agricultural methods, such as plant guilds, chinampas, and hugelkultur. We also seek to learn from and publish our experience and contribute back to local & global permaculture communities.

Our Goals:

  1. Forecasting—Improve the usefulness of forecasts of future environmental conditions and allocating where areas to begin reforesting might be.
  2. Observing—Develop, enhance and integrate the observation systems needed to manage what kinds of trees or plants grow in these areas.
  3. Partnerships—Determine how to anticipate how big or small of a group we may need in any specific project, and work together as a team.
  4. Community—Determine what individuals within that community can enable effective steps toward global sustainability, in reforesting that area.
  5. Innovating—Encourage innovation, new city policy and social response exchanges, and group meetings with the community to achieve local & global sustainability.

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