Community Co-ops

Our Co-op plans are to create community learning centers that have farm land to farm foods, with grocery stores attached to them, with no plastic labels. All foods in the co-op are grown there at the community farm land location. There is also a “Awakeraunt” attached to Universal Heart Center Co-op, that serves all healthy, farm fresh, raw, living, cultured, and fermented foods, to assist in the decrease of rising health care prices. There is also a learning center attached to the co-op with rooms that serve to give classes on 7 Dimensions, organic foods, healthy living, meditation, and other schools of thought to produce a more connected social culture in that community. We provide research on how the improvements economically, and based on health improvements in this area are doing. This determines our success. The first Universal Heart Center Co-op will break ground in Gallup, NM in 2015. Future locations include Ashland, OR. San Fransisco, and Los Angeles.

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