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Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is more than an theory. It is a answer to all illusions and misconceptions of longing. It is defined as the spirit of all hunger and thirst, reminding us of the consistent guidance, and presence that is always available to us in each and every moment. This presence is what created us, what we go back to, and what we here and now have the opportunity to live in.

Four principals of spiritual health are: faith, hope, love & charity. When we realize this value, everything changes. To clarify this is not about a religion, (as 86% of Americans view them selves as religious). This is about developing a daily practice of expressing our truths, having the attitude of gratitude, and realizing our deepest potential! Our health is when we are connected to this place; it is in homeostasis.

“The kingdom of heaven lies within”- this presence of the moment, is the experience we can all live in. When we practice and live in this state frequently, our overall optimal health is experienced, on a bio-chemical level. To experience this we must abandon thought/ self denial and self improvement, in order to EXPERIENCE this knowledge. Thought must be gone, so the true presence of the moment, the love and guidance you receive from this place is clear. This gives us the opportunity, to take full responsibility of our lives’ core mission and purpose. This gives us the power to always see things from the “greater good” notion. It is a very faith driven experience. In order to achieve this state of existence, you must have a relationship with your daily practice. This is a wise idea.

Mental Health

Mental health is more than just an idea. Its an EXPERIENCE. It is the free will of man aligned to create power, and discernment of justice. This is in alignment when it is led by spirit. We all have free will. The power of our mind allows us to see challenges as an opportunity for empowerment. It also gives us the mental capacity for objectivity. To see things objectively allows us to see outside of the duality of suppression, and projection. Objective thinking allows us to see things simply for what they are. There is no good or bad. There is just black or white.

Duality keeps us in a state of judgment vs observation. Observing the truth gives us the capacity to go beyond action/reaction mentality. Mental clarity when in alignment with spirit, allows us to be enlightened by the light, and fully able to see things without deflecting, projecting or suppressing them. This is a preventative solution for sickness and illness. Cancer prevention 101. This allows for new ways of seeing, believing, and creating new systems that are based on higher standards of health care potentially to be implemented. The practice of these ways can vastly improve ones mental health.

Emotional Health

Emotional health can create more than just an action or reaction. Emotions can be the drivers of our lives’ passion and core life purpose. Imagine having a bow and arrow. The target is your purpose, and the bow is your mind, and the arrow is your emotions. The arrow Emotional health is simple when the spiritual and mental health is in alignment, otherwise, it can be a slippery slope! Most peoples emotions are not in alignment with their spirit, so they are reacting from a false sense of reality. If they are not connected by spirit then their emotions are heightened, causing more anxiety, from a lack of belief, more depression from a lack of faith, more fear, from a lack of hope, and very little charity time, due to the dual reality they live in.

The goal is to practice your Faith-Hope-Love-Charity, through your daily spiritual practice. When these principals are understood emotionally, and led by the spirit, forgiveness, peace and harmony are a given. A build up of a lack of forgiveness for oneself or for others, is a main underlying cause of cancer. Having healthy emotions, through the act of forgiveness, emotionally clears and rids us of stagnant unhealthy and “Dis-ease” in the body. Through this process, all sorts of pain, tension, and serious health conditions can be released. Some of the terms that one might want to entertain using to assist this process are:

Emotional honesty – being emotionally honest with thyself, which strengthens your connection to your truth and your spirit. Emotional Integrity- which is the dedication and commitment to maintaining your emotional truth, (meaning not neglecting or projecting your emotions), expressing them honestly. This creates emotional loyalty to ourselves, spirit, and to others. Emotional communication- which is learning how to speak to spirit from this place of integrity, and also speaking to others in this responsible fashion. This practice can vastly improve ones emotional challenges to a much more calm and easy way of living, thus improving ones emotional health.

Physical Health

Physical health can be more than just a number of statistics. The act and presence of Loving the body as a divine temple, and actually believing the reality of how valuable our bodies are: this is how they work for us so perfectly when they are healthy. If they work so magically for us, what kind of life force and energy can we give back to them, so we can truly cherish what we have, and sustain optimal health and life force forward in through our bodies that are whole holy vessels. This is what truly ignites this reality to the earth’s gravity. The way we take care of our physical bodies is a reflection of how we take care of the true spirit, mind and heart that gives us the gift of breath, the gift of life. This dimension of lifestyle care, can consist of plant based active enzyme raw LIVING foods, exercise, deep breathing, stretching, and anything else that stimulates our lymph systems, creating more internal and external circulation and blood flow. The reality of our spirituality shows in our blood cells.

“May we all appreciate the blessing and value of this wonderful life.” Seeing the value in our physical health can help us put together a daily practice.

Social Health

Social Security can be more than just a number, like 411. Our social health determines the health of our communities. There are statistics that imply that more social connectedness creates healthier communities, that live longer lives. For example when we learn how to be truly transparent, we feel more free. This term has been underestimated, and yet highly valuable. It may be the very reason why we are here in the first place, to be truly free. When we practice our true individual rights of freedom, which is again what our entire country was based on, we begin to connect to others on a social level, in a much more transparent way. It becomes an interaction of spirit to spirit. This feels GREAT!!!

(When we express ourselves and have the nurturing of our community to be present, we create a new system, or culture based on expression- thus bringing us out of suppression and isolation. This reality is what can bring us into a deeper reality of interconnection (which by definition means: to be connected to each-other).) The theory is once we realize this reality, global health care has the opportunity to thrive and see the value as one spirit, one mind, on heart, and one body. I believe WE can create an improved future for the generations to come. From here, we can practice more loving ways of nourishing and empowering the natural gifts we are born with. Who knows what the possibilities are like from there?

Divine Purpose

During the midst of the huge economical crisis that our country is going through, the world of finances can be a very tricky and stressful concept. I do not think that we intended money to be the root of all evil on a spiritual level. Again, “forgive them not for they know not what they do”. I believe that money can actually be a positive reward for good work and efforts. The exchange of money can be a positive exchange. I believe the only reason why it has resulted in control, and greed, is because the spiritual, mental and emotional intentions of man kind have been swayed and we have forgotten the gift of why we are even here in the first place. Once we realize the gifts of why we are really here, and the love we are here to experience, the concept of money can be shifted in a helpful way to end poverty, and suffering in the world.

The concept of positive financial health is first and foremost to create the awareness and conditioning in healthy lifestyles. Once this is experienced, our own innate value of why we are here will be clear. Then our financial gain will be a result of following the lead of spirit, into our lives core mission and purpose. “The kingdom of heaven lies within”. From this place, we receive all the wealth needed for ourselves, our family and loved ones. The faith and trust of this reality will be experienced.

If there is an over abundance of wealth after taking care of our inner circle, we can reach out to our communities needs (charity) through our dedication in time and financial resources, and from there if there is an over abundance we can reach out to any global or international concerns. The other route at this point, may be human extinction, at the rate we have been going. We have a choice. There are many wonderful causes to stand behind, that empower human life. This way we realize the optimal advantage of financial wealth, as a wonderful and glorious opportunity, inspiring educational programs that promote positive lifestyles, and world peace.

Environmental Health

Part of our environmental health section on an individual basis, is all about appreciating and acknowledging our famous Mother Earth, who supplies us with all the physical trees, flowers, bees, and understanding how the entire eco-system works in a perfect nature to sustain us humans on earth.  This is the place that gives us gravity to walk on, food to grow, insects, and animals and all sorts of beauty we find in nature when we take time daily to appreciate, acknowledge and stand in gratitude for this wonderful place we exist. Our goal is also to empower others to pay close attention to their environment and practice gratitude and kindness.  If a plant needs watering, or if a 20 minute session of spending some loving time giving thanks to the sun, and allowing the vitamin D to soak up in your skin, allows you to be thankful for your life. Environmental health also includes using environmentally healthy product’s. We also focus on setting a positive intention in the environment around you that stand for health, success, and positive social connective environment. When we are in environments that nurture us, and restore positive reinforcement, we are able to thrive as an individual. A positive environment allows us to sustain our creative spirits, to express who we are fully, empower us to do what we love, and share these gifts with others.

Our community goal is not only to restore the natural health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones and our communities, but all of life force, this includes mother nature. She cares for us, and we are here to honor, respect and learn to give back in grace our daily thanks. Environmental health is a part of physical health and we need our physical environments alive and cared for, this is why we are choosing to have a separate out reach program for Re-foresting Project for lands that seem to need a bit of seed planting.  We will begin with the land of the Native Americans in New Mexico, with Board Advisor, Navajo Chief Tribe Member Elton Thompson.

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