DeAnna Elkin, Founder & President of UHC

DeAnna has been involved with health and healing since the age of 3 years old.  Her learnings include teachers of the the Dali Lama, Shamanic Medicine Teachings, Navajo Native American knowledge, Quantum Touch Learnings, along with many other practices of holistic health care.  Raised by a Medical Doctor, later in her teenage years became a Medical Intuitive.  Always had a “6th sense”, and a high level of intuitive gifts which has allowed her to perform and witness miraculous hearings within her self, and other clients, groups, and now communities.  Her main research is now developing a new type of college degree called an “Emotional Doctrine”- the mind is such a delicate place, and the emotions are even more sensitive.  It is important to foster and nurture our emotions in the search for true inner peace.  To honor them each and every emotion has a rhyme and a reason, the hope is to find the origin of the emotion and there in lies always the peace and love we are destined to receive.

Brian Takita, CEO of UHC

Brian has a background in software development and systems design with a number of internet startup companies. He enjoys being in effective collaborative environments where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. He encourages a culture of respect for all beings and systems. This respect creates social coherence & trust so a community can work together in harmony. We are all connected. We are all novel individuals. Brian sees a world where humans work in harmony with the environment and trusts that Earth will provide abundance for plants, humans, and animals. He contributes to a symbiotic network of sustainable solutions that will restore balance to Earth’s global systems.

Paige Imbrogno, founder and Executive Director of UHC

Paige is currently overseeing initiatives in localized and global food sovereignty and zero point energy distribution.  Her focus is on social justice through community action,implacing optimal systems templates as a foundation for the planetary return to Natural World Order through regenerative culture and re-edenification, and personal and collective healership through the exploration of plant medicine and heart consciousness.

Emanuel Bisarello, Co-Founder of UHC

Emanuel is a healer, Yoga instructor, Shamanic Practitioner and has dedicated his life to this mission when he received a calling during a vision quest a few years ago.  When he moved to this country he had already learned and lived with several Shamanic teachers in the mountains in Peru.  When he met with DeAnna (President of UHC), they realized they had the same exact vision, as with Starrm so they all decided to work together and unite with one another to develop an organization based on equality and creative collaboration for World Peace.  Emanuel’s love for mother nature brings in an element of deep yearning for healing and restoration of our mother earth.  His vision of reforesting land so that more trees are planted and the eco-system is nourished so that it can take care of us, the way it is meant to, so we can all live and co-in habit this earth together.  Emanuel is an incredibly intuitive being, who left his home land to follow his life’s core mission in assisting humanity at this time.

Starrm, Founder of UHC

Starrm has a background in Psychology and has always been on a quest for knowledge and consistent transformation and self healing through intentional conscious living methods.  He has always been fascinated, even as a young boy, by the dynamics of the struggle for peace that many of us face in life.  He has been a holistic practitioner, Raw Food Teacher, and shape shifting pioneer in the field of health.  He has been working with many Physicians over the years, encouraging them to incorporate Raw Living Foods and other ancient philosophies that he practices daily, which were taught to him by his teachers.  His success has created an impact in the potential of affecting the Medical System with these simple daily methods.  His hope is to spread his love and joy for all living things and all living beings to peoples attention.  His ability to leave people with a positive impression, a lasting one, is vast.  “Many are called, but few are chosen” is one of his favorite quotes.  Many of his learnings come from the standpoint of physical health as well as spiritual health.  One of his teachers has been a pure raw food-ist for 42 years.  The idea is health, longevity and an unlimited supply of energy.  His motivational speeches usually include daring others to write their own “Declaration”, and claim what it is they want to feel and achieve in their life’s goals and purpose.  What an inspiration.

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    Hi DeAnna,

    we met @ the hill street cafe today~

    dug your presence~ 🙂

    it felt good to witness your engagement to making a difference…

    hope to meet again…

    Hope you enjoy the BuddaRay CD…

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