The Omega Point is Now


At this time in evolution, we are all arriving at a place, where we are able to see and take more sensitive notices of our deep interconnectedness together. Now more than ever time and space is compressing as to unite us with our deepest level of awareness into the union of creation. This divine place of union feels like an explosion of deep passionate love.  The powers that be that seem so far outside us at times are drawing closer together and we are internalizing this power within.  The Masculine and the Feminine in us all are beginning to resonate in higher levels of vibration.  The Masculine representing the God within us, and the Feminine representing the Mother Earth within us.  Things become very sentimental, and all beings become more attuned to their nature. Soul mate connections get re-ignighted, or even ignighted in deeper ways for the very first time. Past challenges of ones history (“his-story”), no longer takes up any residual in the mind, body or heart. Pains and sufferings come to a head, which leads each other to listening even more carefully to hear the call of the blessing in disguise. The pains and suffering become more honest and direct with the underlying core root of the emotional shield. This allows ones divine self to see the options that one might have to evolve and balance one self. These options lead to more optimal choices of heaven on earth Human Infinite Experiences. The power is in the freedom of choice. The beauty of our filters or fears are when we are shielded we can always look to see whats underneath the filter. When we notice the shield, then we become able to see whats underneath it in other words. When we have this kind of consciousness we can transmute our thoughts, to receive the alchemy of our divine souls purpose and see all obstacles as illusions, or fears of separation.  So we embrace the obstacles, as a means to overcome it and transmute its potential to experience more of our unique divinity within.  We can use our thoughts to see all of our options, as to make the choice that feels the most optimal to our highest souls purpose.  We are entering The Omega Point…………….NOW.

One thought on “The Omega Point is Now

  1. Brian Takita

    Very nice! There is a timeless structure to the present moment. Both because it’s a snapshot and all events are tied together by higher dimensions that we most obviously experience as time.

  2. QuentinFed

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