What would your life be like if you were fearless?  Who would you be? What kinds of experiences would you be having daily?

To actually transmute (release and re-condition) self-denial, which comes from a fear,  one must first be able to allocate what the person is in self-denial about for starters.  So for instance, say the self-denial is about a utter feeling of emptiness, and loneliness.  This right here is a part of being in self-denial.  The self is only meant to experience light and goodness.  After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, which means everything that is alive has the right to live in the light at all times.  This is what our human cells were actually destined for.  We have conditioned ourselves to be disbelievers of this reality, and thus disempowered the process of self-love.  So now once you have found the underlying emotion that proves there is some aspect of not being content in the bod/mind & soul, which is in this case “unhappiness, or emptiness”, then follow that negative emotion to the root of its fear.  This simply takes awareness to follow carefully.  For instance say in this case, this person is constantly late to important events, thus causing a negative talk towards him/her often.  To get to this place one must look within using objective consciousness.  When you think this way, you don’t have  a need to protect your pain.  So lets take this a step deeper. Say this persons mother or father was always late and created disappointment for this person as a child, and thus this person is projecting his/her pain onto others.  Once all these factors are understood, the question is. Do you want to heal and evolve?  Would you like to break through all your pre-conditioned fears you have embodied?  If that answer is a yes, then you might want to do some emotional processing work, which means you emotionally release the triggers that created the self-denial, as well as the fear.  You are able to release the sadness, anger, or any other kind of suffering, through conscious choice of creating a better NOW.

So here is the idea to transmute it:

1)  Allocate the underlying emotional deficiency AKA a feeling (ex. unhappy/lonely etc)

2)  Find the action of that emotional self denial challenge (ex. constantly late and disappointing others)

3)  Discover the root of that action (ex. parent was always late and created a pool of disappointment)

4)  Realize that you are the change.  The power is in the choice to change this pattern for good.

5)  Do some emotional processing  ( more info on that to come in these posts ).

5)  Do silent meditation for one hour a day.  Use the last 5 minutes to do a visual journey of imagining what your life may be like in

this place of ease and grace.  If the (ex disappointing others) was no longer there, and that fear was no longer sabotaging you,

what would your life be like?  Imagine all the infinite possibilities!

6)  After one month of this work daily, begin to write a Self-Declaration.  This will enable you to further experience and exercise

the different ways you can maximize your human potential. Please check separate blog “Declaration”, for more info.


Please share if there are any questions to further explore this post.  Thank you,


DeAnna Elkin


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