Expanding Consciousness

Expanding Consciousness is our survival & thrival strategy.

Consciousness is the Perspective on Existence. Reality is the experience of consciousness, or the being experiencing existence.

Expanding Consciousness is the expanding perspective of a being. A being can be a concept, a person, object, animal, collective group of people, a planet, a universe, existence itself.

Mastery of a craft often leads to a spiritual experience because one is in a state of coherence while performing the craft. With coherence, one is more likely to create something novel, thus expanding consciousness.

“Fresh eyes” also expand consciousness by incorporating a novel perspective into the collective being. While masters have proficiency evolving down certain paths, a fresh perspective exposes new paths.

Biological life, and humans, rely on evolution to create novel solutions to transcend the situation.

Humanity is in a struggle to survive. Our dominant models, institutions, & practices have lead to an imbalance & instability in our global & local systems. We are in need of transcendence by evolving successful solutions, combining sustainable ancient teachings with new solutions.

Spirituality is the desire to expand consciousness. Spiritual work expands consciousness in both the act of doing and with the end result. New solutions & breakthroughs occur. Spiritual work is the process of transcendence, which allows us to survive & thrive in our personal & collective situations.

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