What does it mean to be emotionally honest to yourself?  “Emotional self-honesty”, is a term used to describe a certain way of living.  It means that there is no shield, no covering up, no sweeping feelings under the table.  You are free to be, free to see, free to express who you are without needing to hide anything to yourself.  Emotional self-honesty is a term that is meant to be towards yourself as a type of internal discovery towards inner and outer freedom in self and in social settings.

Sometimes, when something exciting happens, if we don’t always feel that those around us are free enough to hear it, (meaning they wouldn’t be happy, instead they might get jealous or insecure), then we become limited in how we feel free enough to express our greatest truths.  So we limit our emotional integrity, by not being completely honest with the truth of how we really feel in a moment, thus creating suppression which leads to disease.  On the flip side, if you practice Emotional Self-honesty, you will be able to transmute those feelings of holding back, into full on expression!!!!  And those around you will immediately catch on to your excitement.  After all — the fear that one may not understand how great you feel,  is only a fear.  Fears are illusions we create based on previous conditioning.  We don’t even need to “Fear God”, because if we are living in the light, there is nothing to fear.

Now this is a purification process to clarify.  Once you demand this of yourself, to live in a place of complete emotional self-honesty, you will begin to feel much more free, and overtime, more and more free to be yourself, with no restrictions, 100% in the moment, present without any residual.

Say you are going through a moment of “loneliness”, which again is fear based, so it is only an illusion.  However, without judgement say this is how you feel.  Instead of pretending you feel fine, and taking a bunch of photos of yourself and uploading them onto your FaceBook page, or eating a bunch of food to hide the way you feel, just stop. Wait, do nothing, except for become emotionally present and honest with yourself.  By taking the time with yourself to love yourself enough to be patient and kind to yourself, you will accomplish light years of healing and evolving work for yourself.

Emotional Self-honesty is about becoming more real with yourself…Free to be you without any buffers, filters, or hiding.  Fully transforming into the divine being that you were created to live up to.

Here are some of the questions that Emotional Self-honesty will help you with to get down to the core of whatever it is that is bothering you.  Remember it can be a great feeling that you are afraid to express, or it can be a unhealthy feeling that you are resisting to accept.  Either way, transparency is the goal.  Total transparency is where Emotional Self-honesty leads you.  Which allows you to be more accepting of yourself, which shows up in your love for yourself.  When this occurs, the idea of “God” and “I” merge into one.  From this place endless infinite possibilities are available to you at your fingertips…

The workshops will go in to much farther detail- but for now, this is a simple example:

1)  How do I feel right now?  (ex. alone)

2)  Why do I feel alone?  (ex. because I feel a lack of community)

3)  Why then can’t I create what I want myself  (ex. because my upbringing contradicts the idea of closeness)

4)  How can I feel closer to myself?  ( “X_____(your name) I love you so much, I forgive myself  for thinking I do not deserve

to feel the closeness of myself.  I see now that my need to see closeness in my social setting, and yet, my fear in creating it on my

own comes from not feeling it within.  I am humbled by this discovery, and I choose now to deepen my love towards myself.

5)  I see that my feeling of being “lonely” is an illusion based on fear, all it really means is that I have been afraid to be closer

in love with myself.  I see too that my feeling of “needing” community, was my feeling of wanting to be closer to myself, so I

can be empowered to create one.

6)   I came here to be the change I want to see.

7)    I choose to be responsible and look into the shadow of my light in the mirror.

8)   I love myself, and I believe I can be much closer to myself and explore where those possibilities can take me.

(for future reference, please check out the “Self-Declaration” post to go deeper into this work.


-DeAnna Elkin

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