Being in Love

To be in love with someone first means you must be in love with you.  You must learn how to be content and not need any external validation to confirm your existence of being a live Human Being.  Content means you are one with the God Conscious Molecule.  This means your cells are happy and your vibration is high in its contentment.  Being content means you are free to be present and  content in a moment.  When we aren’t able to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.   Tranquility means that the truth is open and free in any given environment.  In an environment it means that individuals are free to be themselves.  However, in order to be yourself, the next question is who are we? What is the “Self”?  When the self is unfiltered, all it needs in order to thrive is its basic necessities, and to enjoy this lovely place.  Being in love with you is key if you ever want a healthy relationship and especially a healthy child.  This way you are not projecting any fears onto your partner, and loosing the trust within the relationship.  One must heal wounds that repeat the same old victim, story, and have risen from their story, in order to be a fully loving and empowering human being to self, and to others.  The relationship in order to feel safe enough to truly love each other, must be nourished enough first in their own love of self.  If this is not the case, then the relationship will eventually fall apart, or remain together not truly fulfilled by each others presence.  This is unfortunate, because we are all capable of experiencing this state of true love.  It starts within yourself.  From there it expands and works through all things and remains in a state that have no words to describe.  Love of the now is a feeling that words may not be available to describe.  It requires the art of divine discipline to embrace life, and feel daily love within yourself.  I requires a daily practice of lifestyle, that embodies grace, ease, and light.  Through this lifestyle, your self love expands, allowing for more feelings per thought to come through.  This raises your level of self love, thus love in a partnership.   Daily Self-Love is a Requirement if we are interested in Global Peace.  It starts with ourselves. When the expansion of this is shared, it becomes a movement.  Movements over time, create new Cultures.  Imagine what is possible for the Human Race…

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